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really proud of myself

gary brown

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I know this picture sucks, but I'm new to cg and have been fiddling around with 3dsmax's trial version and managed to produce this picture and now I am feeling quite proud of myself. This is my first rendering ever. The room was made in autocad and imported in (hence very undetailed columns). I have a Architectural history background so please excuse the not-so-modern look. The room has a double wall system that allows for hidden light-wells around the perimeter of the room. Any criticism (good or bad) is welcome. And yes, the room is an oval.


I've looked at Maya, Lightscape, and Softimage. None were as easy to produce something as 3dsmax. But that might be because I am very used to an autocad interface. :rolleyes:



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Dude, this is a fantastic first effort, in all seriousness. I'm not man enough to ever show my first max rendering here, but I certainly didn't take a stab at an interior space for many many years! Great start! And the model is certainly an accomplishment with my memory of how difficult it was to model such shapes in CAD.


If I were to offer any critique, my first would be in the mesh -- the arches and ceiling buttresses are a bit polygonal, but again, this would be a challenge enough to model in max. In CAD, I'm not sure where I'd start. First rate.


I take it you're using max's advanced lighting / radiosity engine? I can see the beginnings of light leaks in the creases of your ceiling... errors like that are what led me to abandon radiosity in Autodesk Viz for third-party renderers, but I'm very impressed you got all this working within a 30-day trial.



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