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vray lighting / rendering issue


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pls check this attached blow up of a vray 1.45.70 rendering ..


final render resolution


3600 x 4500 pixels




primary bounce = 1.35 -- irradiance

secondary bounce = 1.0 -- light map

irradiance map preset = high

lightmap subdiv = 1000

sample size =

scale = screen




1 direct light value = .4 with vray shadow

vray skylight value = .55


color mapping


linear multiply dark 1, bright 1


1) how do i brighten the internal illumination level ..

2) i see some light leaks like the one pointed out in (2). how can i correct them .


I am on a deadline project pls advise.


thanks, with regards ..

mike sullivan

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yes..it will reduce for (1) too..what u can do is play with the specular color a bit for material (the yellow ochre colors specular) and see..well the other way u can reduce the effect by detaching those particular faces of the building as a new object and goto the render->renderer->system->object settings..->select that building side object name from the left panel ->reduce the value of "Receive GI"


hope this helps





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