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VizRender in ADT 2005


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Greetings all,


Ou company is upgrading from ADT 3 to 2005, and I have been asked to evaluate the potential of VIZRender as an option to upgrading our copies of VIZ 4 to 2005.... and I've been given a whole 3 days to do this! I'll be doing some evaluating, but need some other imput.


So I thought I'd pick the brain of the forum to give myself a head start. I've been using VIZ for about 6 years now, and am quite comfortable with it. I'm a little skeptical about VIZRender.


Have any of you used this VIZRender attachment to ADT'05? What advantages (if any) does it offer of full VIZ 05? What's been taken out (I know the modeling portion has). Do plug-ins work? (I've seen reports that go both ways). How's the lighting and enviromentals? Is animation easy to do? Are materials and textures easier or more difficult to apply?


Any opinions, gripes, praises will be greatly apprieciated!




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My company bought ADT2004, now we have the 2005 upgrade.


I can say that Vizrender is a lot less powerful than Viz2005...

It is not a problem of modelling ... you can do your model in ADT ,

but the rendering engine is (in my opinion) a total disappointment...


you can use only IES light... the radiosity is far away from the radiosity of max/viz... and even the material editor panel is 1/3 of the max one!!


My software seller (autodesk offcial) said that the rendering engine is the same.. but you can't have the same result of max/viz 7cause you have less options and controls...

That's the why we bought viz2005 also :)) but my boss wasn't very happy...


In my opinion, if you have to do only modeling ad very little rendering, having only ADT can be a (little) bargain, but if you need the power of max/viz for modeling... don't change for ADT!!


Last thing...

Rendering plugins as v-ray and final render DON'T work with ADT and viz render... you shoul need a specific version of that plugin, that, as far I know... doesn't exist and not even planned in future.


I hope of being helpful...

forgive my basic english,




Forgive my english....


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I agree that it's horrible!!! We just upgraded to ADT 2004. There's nothing to the Viz Render. I think it was thrown in there just to make ADT look better. I'm using Viz 4 right now, and I'm getting the upgrade to Viz 2005 very soon. I will definitely refrain from using Viz Render.

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