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starck's bathroom


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the wall tiling has grooves, but not in where floor meets wall?

the bump map of the wall is one big map, and isn't tiled. you can even see scratches continuing from one tile to the next. a bit too much reflectivity in the tile material, IMHO you should go for a sandstone/travertine look.

Otherwise; very convincing modelling/GI/rendering. let's see the whole bathroom in a week or 2...:D

merry Xmas


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Hi everyone...


I'd like apologize for no answering on your questions.


to WDA : the wall map is a purchased material ( conc02 from total textures)

I'll send you with pleasure if you want


to thieverycorp : the slot over wc is for coins :D but seriously it's a very early render so I didn't change it.




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