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I am playing around with back burner for the first time. I do not have a network, I am trying to queue multiple cameras to render overnight. I am using vray. I can render my cameras fine in max but once I use backburner I get the "overbright, invalid color" warning for all the object in the scene. I am new at this do I need to set up distributed rendering for vray? What am I doing wrong?



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not sure why you would be getting overbright errors, but you do not need to setup DR for vray. the only time DR helps is if you have multiple machines, and you ned to render one image accross both machines. ...and you can not que more than one image at a time with DR.


i would start by doing all of the usual that you do first when you get overbright errors. check to make sure mapped objects have UV cordinates, make sure to check crop on the maps, and if you have stabndard materials, make sure if you have standard mats, the specular isn't to high. i don't know, and and actually doubt that will solve your problem, but it is the usual cause of overbright.

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