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Unwrap UV in Viz 2005


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Hi all,


i'm working on external project which has a road system running through the middle of it. In order to map the road surface i'm wanting to unwrap the uvw's and use the result as a template to paint over in Photoshop.


However, having unwrapped the geometry and opened the edit uvw's window in viz there seems to be no way to save the uv layout for opening in photoshop other than using print screen.


i've looked in the help and found the render height and width setting but this seems redundant if the only way of getting the image into photoshop is by using the print screen method as its always going to be 72dpi.


the image could always be scaled up in photoshop but the added pixalation that occurs will make the template less accurate.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Thanks. James

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There are a couple of options available to export the uvw. You will need the 3ds Max 6 version of either:


Texporter (this is a utility that will allow you to render out your maps with avrious options): http://www.cuneytozdas.com/software/3dsmax/#Texporter


PSDPathUnwrapper (this is a tool that will let you export your unwraped mesh to paths in a psd file): http://www.rpmanager.com/freeTools.htm

Requires: http://www.rpmanager.com/bonusTools/R6/RPMdlx.dlx


Hope this helps,


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