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WIP need critique, not sure where to go with this.

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Studio/Institution: None
Genre: Industrial Exterior
Software: Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

My first time working on exteriors. I wanted to try out a post-process heavy workflow on a brutalist industrial style building for my portfolio.


Along the way I got lost and am really not sure where to go with this. I feel many of my renders turn out purposeless and lack photorealism and good composition. I often abandon work because of this. Should I continue this and try and make it work or abandon it and work on something new?


I'd really appreciate feedback, critiques, and suggestions on workflow.



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I would get rid of the tilt. Your realism looks great. The elements seem to be placed at random - whimsical.

Follow some photographs.


Industrial may seem haphazard but it's extremely logical because everything serves a purpose and your brain will know, maybe even subconsciously, when things don't fit.

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Yes, straighten the image up to a 2-point.


Change the sun angle to illuminate both faces, but more one than the other. You will still get value differentiation but you will add shadowing to all of the 'hardware' on the structure. If you're going for graphic--and you are by choosing this style of structure and the disembodied composition--then lose the whimsical sky. Go for a no-cloud 'field', or at most some horizontally striated clouds .

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