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Farnsworth House & Fornitures


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Long time that I'd liked to start post here, ... too long! :p

My hello to CG architect.com is with a WIP, my actual Mies van Der Rohe' Farnsworth House & Furnitures.

Hoping to release a good quality finished work.

Model are made with Lightwave 3D

To get as much material reference was possible I had made a deep research about Farsworth House and his furnitures by Google (got lot of materials and outdoor pictures as reference for the outdoor, I'll try to get a good 3d enviroment to). I'm lucky becouse I have a very good book with detailed drowings and measures (everything is in inches). More I have few great books about Mies' funitures that are difficult to be find, containg drawings and detailed picture (not much detailed, but enough to translate them into 3d by few photometric valutations).

More I can verify few of those masterpices in real: Barcelona Chair (similar to Tugendhat Chair), Barcelona Stool, Barchelona Couch, Brno Chair (the non-tubolar version).

In the picture there is a Barcelona Chair, I made it just becouse I found it as a must, later I will replace it with the Tugendhat one. More furnites are on the way. Also those models are still wip.

The house need just few more adjustments in few details as in the kitchen, the wood core' doors and more.

All textures are temporary, expecially for the house.

To see more details check here

Finally! :D

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I will update later with better lighted renderings, after I'll be back from few days of vacation :p

I have no time this period, I just made few things in the little the free time I have


Barcelona Stool (wip)



Kitchen model update (wip)



Merry Christmas!

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