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To convert architectural fonts

Island J

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Does any one know how to convert .shx fonts to .ttf fonts?

For example:




I am sure anyone using revit or other "BIM" software would greatly appreciate it.


I found that checking websites for architectural fonts is useless and extremely time consuming.


Please help.

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In Autocad/ADT create a new text style using the font you require then right click and select properties and in the text styles box change to your new style.


The only other way I know is through a lsip routine


Hope this helps

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Hope this helps


Not really,


I like to use those fonts in AutoCAD, but i am goin to switch to a BIM in the near future and as far as i am aware, none of the BIM use .shx fonts, they use true type fonts.


What I want is very specific: architectural true type fonts that are exactly the same or very similar to archstyl, architxt, or hand1.shx fonts. So i figured that convering them would be the best option.


I figured if anyone knew, it would be someone on CGarchitect.

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The letters "sp" wouldn't have anything to do with softplan would it? cause i cant find that font available online.


Any other suggestions? What about a converter?


So far i am evaluating Revit and ADT (i know....ADT shouldnt be considered BIM) I can't wait to try out Revit 7. ADT, although it know autocad extremely well, i don't really like b/c it requires too much setup, has too many steps and doesn't focus on steamlining the design process.

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Well, I'm not sure why SPhand is no longer available on the web...SP is not soft plan, it is a term that is used on many font titles.


I have yet to see a converter that goes from shx to ttf. In fact, the creator of SPhand was developing one, but it has appearently faded into obscurity.


More suggestions, yes, Will Harris has a really nice commercial package available:




single fonts:


Stylus BT


City Blueprint

Country Blueprint


As far as a BIM, I would strongly sway you away from ADT and point you at Revit.

Most of the "cons" you hear, or used to hear about Revit were from individuals who did not actually use the prog full time. I've used both full time, and there is no compairison. Revit kicks ADT's butt, and is only improving as time goes by.


Try the tutorials, the trial is for SIXTY days. It is just a great program.

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