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How to put the different maps of a texture into a Vray material ?

Stephan Dupont

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I try to render photorealistic materials. Fo that, I’ve downloaded a texture with a lot of different maps for testing. Can you help me ? I’ve to know how I must place those maps into my Vray material.


Diffuse : into the diffuse slot, no pb


Bump : into the bump slot, ok

Rough : into the rougness slot


AO : ?


Normal : ?


Specular : ?


Displace : when I put it into the displace slot, I have a bad result, do I have to create a VrayDisplacement or something like that ?


Sans titre.jpg

Sans titre2.jpg


Thx a lot for your help ;)

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The file naming suggests that these are Poliigon textures, so download their script and it will automatically create the material for you. If they are not from Poliigon, download one of their free assets and use the script, then study how it builds the material for Vray.


From what I can remember, the AO map is blended with the Reflection map using a composite node. The normal and bump maps are also combined using a special node that is then plugged into the bump slot.

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