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Rock finish wall tiling.

Ramon Folguera

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Hi guys,


I am trying to get a wall with this rock tiling finish (Reckli-Steinwald).


Do you know where I could find different tiles samples to randomise them so it doesnt look repetitive?


Otherwise, would you create your own ones with substance painter? Or is it a lot of work? Would you randomise it individually?


Having in mind i have been given a sketchup file that i have imported to 3dsmax that looks like the jpg.


thanks guys,




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Couldn't you just go into photoshop, duplicate the layer and change the blend mode to make several versions by just rotating one of the layers? I like substance designer very much, so that might be a god option too.


You don't even need to do that. Just use a Mix map in max. Use the original image, then in the 2nd mix slot use the same image but rotated say 40 degrees. Set the mix level to 30-50% and you'll be able to reduce some of the tiling. It's a quick way, but not always going to get the most perfect results. To take it a step further you could mix 2 mix maps together.


You could take it even further and use a composite map in Max to get multiple levels of blending.


Obviously using Substance is a good way to go, but sometimes it can just be overkill. Sometimes you just need to get the render out of the door.

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