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Blurred background


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Hello everyone,

Been lurking in forums for a while but decided to login..

I tried to search everywhere but cannot find solution to fix this.. Happens for me in every time i render interior scene.

I am attaching rendered image: wxhd75U


as you can see background and kitchen panels are barely visible .. how to make background as focused as table in front ?


Best regards,



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Most of the blurriness can be adjusted with more antialiasing samples, different Antialising type or rendering a larger image.

Usually, I will stay with default, for Antialising Type and just play with the image size or antialising samples.


Having said that I believe your problems are not that your back elements are blurry, your problem is lighting, or excess of lighting.

Your room is strangely illuminated like the back wall spills light from different places.


You need to adjust your light intensities and adjust your exposure as need it.

Also, be sure your wall is solid (not a single plane) and everything is sealed (no gaps or cracks) so exterior light doesn't leak in, except the areas that you need, such Windows, Doors, and others.


Please use similar kitchen photography as an example to follow.

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