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Q about working with 2 monitors

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modeling in 3ds max. rendering with vray and corona.


doing a little bit post production for the final rendering in photoshop.


currently working on 2 old 19" monitors samsung 971P.


looking to replace them to 24" or 27" dell monitors.


my question is is better? budget wise.


two 24" monitors that support 99% sRGB color gamut? is modeling in 2560x 1440 resolution is reasonaable?

like this one




or two 27" monitors that don't support 99% RGB? like this one




with 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz resolution.


what would you prefer? are you working in high res workspace? like 2560x 1440?



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I personally would prefer 2x 24" - aslong as both monitors are the same you will not get much difference between the two/easier to calibrate.


If color is somewhat important, then go with the 99% srgb (there are better color models than this however this should be enough for most jobs especially if the print press uses srgb profiles - most do these days for simplicity). Regardless of what monitor you have the colors drift over time, if you are producing color accurate work I would definitely get a hardware spider/xrite to make sure your screens are calibrated correctly. Dells are damn good for their price in my opinion.

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