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How are these complex visuals created...? Help please!


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Hi everyone, Im back in this forum once again... with a problem.



First question:

I would like to know how are these "Hatches / Patterns" created?

I tried using Photoshop but I am not able to get the Hatches / Patterns flow so naturally and accurately with the contours.... Hope someone can guide me please...







I am really wondering how do people draw these type of drawings for their architecture project! I really dont think it is drawing by lines one at a time! Anyone knows how are these "Line" figures drawn?



Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.14.09 AM.jpg

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For the people you can do something similar in Photoshop with Find>Edges. Then play with contrast, lightness, eraser etc to clean it up.




These are simple curves with a Standard - Tiles Map applied - many built in controls plus using uvw parameters.


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