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windows 10 automated updates and restarts

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Hi guys



ok i think ive had enough - ive been puttigng up with it but time to try and put a stop to it.



Windows 10 automated updates and restarts. How can we stop (or control) this?


I leave my pc on at work only to find at times that it restarts and ive lost my renderings.....



anyone else having this issue and how they address it?



Cheers guys

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In the network connection properties there is the option to set it as a metered connection. With this setting, Windows won't automatically download the latest updates. You will have to download and install them manually.





Go to Network & Internet settings>Status>Change Connection Properties. Then switch on 'Set as metered connection'.



You may get warnings from other applications such as Outlook and OneDrive but it's better than having your PC restart during a render.

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