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360 dgr. view on mousecommand


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Hello there,


i've been around at cg's for a while now, yet the first time to post a question to you guys out there. The story goes:


I have a product presentation to deal with of a new shape can, filled with a powerdrink. The can must be interactive and able to spin around 360 dgr. controlled with the mouse like the views you see often on productsites (Dell, for instance), it's quite a standard presentation, we all know 'm. But now something different. How can I produce an interactive presentation of my 3D model, including all effects such as lighting, GI, shadows etc?


I've been thinking and the best that I came up with is this:


I must center the model on a plane, align it perfectly and build an extruded circle for a wall around it. Then put a camera following a path constraint circle inside it over 100 frames. Render it out every single 5th frame or so, to get 20 exactely the same renders, but different views. Finally export it to a macromediatool, like flash or director to make it interactive in .mov or .vrml output.


It's a hell of a job, especially when your renders take up to 30 minutes a piece. Does anybody know what the deal is with this issue, finding a script or maybe a better and faster way to make my client smile again?


Thanks all,


Dennis de Priester (the Netherlands)

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It sounds like a Quicktime VR panorama - you can pan left and right, up and down and zoom in and out, and use hotspots to jump from one room / view to a next. Realviz Stitcher is the software to use to assemble the panorama. You can alos get a simple Flash loader that allows the same commands, but keeps it all in side Flash, making things simpler.

Hope this is of use



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Thanks fellows,


I think it would be the best and fastest way with this issue to stop by at Cebas for a drink:) You see, the point in here is that all effects must be kept great looking in the final presentation. Therefore I must make a move and find some sort of tool that helps me turning my 20 renders in to a cool looking 360 dgr. presentation for placing on their site.


Shortly, thanks to you all and wish me luck at Cebas' crib:)


Enjoy your last days of the year now,



(PS, yes advisor. The renders are incl. GI, caustics and a glassmaterial (Brazil) all standing on a slightly reflecting plane).

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why not make a globally illuminated vrml-file of it? you have a real 3d-scene and not only single snapshots.

here is a simple example from me:




though you will need a vrml plug in to view it properly (and your client of course)


i use blaxxun contact player, it should install automatically as active-x plug in, if you are using internet explorer. if automatic install doesn't work use this manual download link:



if you need it quickly and the object is not too complicated to render, i could make a vrml-presentation for you, if you want.

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