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Opening 3Ds Max design 2015 file to 3Ds Max 2019


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Hello ,


I am trying to open 3Ds Max design 2015 file into 3Ds max 2019 so its showing some scene converter option which leads to show partial objects in file.

After conversion I only see few object not complete file.


Vray 3.5 used in 2015

Vray next used in 2019


I have also attached screenshot of the issue - May I know whats the issue exactly ?



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Pretty sure the scene converter doesn't affect geometry. This converter is usually triggered when plugins are missing (small checkbox in the lower left corner) so it could be that some geometry in 2015 had a plugin in the modifier stack that isn't in the 2019 install. You can try merging instead of opening to try and find the culprit.

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