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Help! Gothic Architecture Problem

Matt Sugden

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Hi, well I've tried everything I can think of, and now I need to turn to you guys for some help.


My current project requires a solution for creating some detailed gothic windows, as they're dotted all over the place. I've tried lofting, booleans, creating from a spline, but i always end up with the same problem. Where the tight nicks of the window 'roses' join I get nasty polys that are popping out (when I chamfer), and I really lack of detail of the curvey window cross sections.


I've attached the max file v5, and also the image of the window I have to copy. so if anyone has any ideas of how best to go about this then I would REALLY appreciate it.


By coincidence I noticed a topic today about creating a church window, however that focuses on the fancy volume lighting, rather than the intricasies of the modelling.

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