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Dvd-rw Vs. Dvd+rw


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Hello all,


I need to know the difference between DVD-RW and DVD+RW. I have figured out that they are not the same, and drives will only write to one or the other, but is there a difference between the two. The main use for now will be data storage and backup, but eventually I would like to get our portfolio and marketing info on DVD to give to prospective clients. So I would like to get the correct type for doing both.


Any advice or wisdom that you folks might be able to share woudl be great.



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Thanks everyone.


Jeff, you are right, not many architects do. But we rely so much on our data backup, for drawings and renderings, that it was getting too cumbersome and time consuming the way I was doing it. When my computer alone needs 4 GB worth of backup space, on a media that is portable and easy to store, DVD was the only way for me to go. I ended up with a DVD+RW drive, and discs. So much easier than anyhting else that I have used to date. It worked great, and I would reccomend it.

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Dvd-rw and Dvd+rw is like Beta and VHS all over again.



Yes and no... There was actually a much better quality in Beta which is why it is still used by professionals today. The difference in quality between +r and -r does not really exist. It is mostly a matter of compatibility. These days any new DVD player will play +r or -R... but since -r came first, there are older player that will not play -r format. There are also very old players that will not play either.


My burner will do both. I use -r for all video stuff that I do (to maximize my compatibility), and use +r for my data. For the only reason that my burner will burn +r at 8x and -r at 4x... so it is faster.


Now DVD-HD and Blu-Ray... that is Beta vs. VHS. Blu-Ray is better BTW.... it has double the data

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