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Looking for Quotes and Testamonials

Jeff Mottle

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Hey everyone. Over the next few weeks I will be working on putting together our new media kit for our existing and potential advertisers. I would like to include a number of short testamonials and quotes about your positive experiences with the site over the past few years and how it has helped you or your business. If you would like to contribute please post to this thread.


Thanks for your support!




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Since visiting CGArchitect for the first time about a year ago, I have found that this site is perhaps the most important resource for any aspect related to digital architectural modeling, software/hardware issues, architectural rendering and perfecting your presentation techniques. I typically visit the site at least several times a day and have found CGArchitect to be more valuable than just about any product manual.


Where else can you post any type of question at 2:00 in the morning (just 6 hours before a critical presentation) and have colleagues from all over the globe help you within minutes?


I rely on the advice of forum members, product reviews, and links to tutorials as my primary tool for advancing myself, my business and making decisions on purchases. I have purchased computers, software, and entourage that were all either mentioned in the forums, reviewed, or advertised on CGArchitect. In fact, if a product or service related to architectural modeling and rendering has not been reviewed or commented on at CGArchitect, I would be hesitant to purchase it.


I cannot imagine being in business without CGArchitect and the huge support and assistance from the entire CGArchitect community.


Thanks to everyone and CGArchitect.


Mike White

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Now that I'm business for myself I have come to rely on all the members at cgarchtect for support. There is no other place where I can find the quick help & constructive criticism like cgarchtect whether it's advice on building a new rendering station, or comments on my latest work.


Thanks to Jeff Mottle and all the members of cgarchtect for creating such a dynamic site for our industry.


Tim Nelson

Urban Illustration, Inc.

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This is a very important site for all architects/architectural Illustrators. Unlike the forums for specific pieces of software, this forum has a more universal application. Not only can one get expert help when stuck with their own application, there is exposure and the opportunity to learn and evaluate countless applications. But there's more: from discussions on composition to business advice to the newest techno gadget that touches our sphere of interest, it's all here.


One should be able to earn several University degrees with the knowledge that is shared here. We are fortunate to have this wonderful venue.

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What Jeff has created here is a truely professional portal for a specialized community. I view the site multiple times a day and I look to the site for 3 things:


1. I use the site as a free proving grounds. I get to show my work for review to people who are knowledgable and experianced. I am self taught and this is the only professional support I seek.


2. I can learn from others in my profession who are working on simular issues.


3. This is the first place I go to look for product reviews/opinions. There are many CG portals but what is a great tool for gaming is not a valid tool or solution for architecture.


Jeff and the community have been able to create and maintain a very valuable way to share information.

And Jeff seems like a nice guy. And he's got a really pretty wife.

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