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Lighting presentation


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Hi Guys,

I have a communication with lighting designer.

He wants me to make a 360 room with he's lightings, and with some controller button to change an intensity of lighting.

I do 360 render in max+vray, then i use 360 picture in 3DVista.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Some time ago i found this sort of presentation on a lighting companies web-site, but can't really remember this any more. Does anyone has some similar link to show me?




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I just found this web-site, they made this virtual configurator for IKEA, can anyone tell me idea, how can this be made? what software did they use for this sort of presentations? https://demodern.de/projekte/ikea-vr-immerse

if you scrol down this link, you see the video, for this presentation.

I would very much appreciate your answers


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Thanks Francisco, I had also some similar ideas, but now I'm more confident in this.

I use max and vray. If you are experienced Unity or Unreal user, can you tell me, are these 2 completely different world from what i use? Or it worth to invest time to learn this? :) Because it makes no sense if i spend 1-2 years learning this :D i'm quit old for this and don't have much time any more :D I'm 41.

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Well, I am not that young either :) :) and yes this profession is always treat us like an old dog learning new tricks. but we need to stay a float I guess.



To answer your question is not easy really.

IMO it all depends on what you do as professional and what you are planning to do in the future.

It is undoubtedly that real time engines will dominate our industry sooner or later, but depending on your clients, you can decide if you need to invest time now to learn it or later...



Anything interactive will need some sort of real time engine. you could fake it, but there are so many people doing incredible stuff that IMO better bite the bullet and do it right. you can always hire some one else to do it for you in the mid-time.



3D Max from Unity or Unreal are different enough that it require a different set of mind and workflow. Unity and Unreal are not a modeler software per say, you can do some basic stuff but is mostly scene setup and interactive prep, it is a game engine, designed to do video games.they can work together with 3D Max or any other 3D modeler and actually there are many plugins and scripts that make the asset transferring easier, but there are different logic and needs to be learn because Unreal or Unity were created for a different output than 3D Max.



Learning either software won't be a waste of time at all if you are planning to stay in the Visualization industry, maybe you can learn it at a slower peace, not as a priority, but to stay competitive I would strongly recommend to give it a try at least.



Learning curve is steep, and there are many limitations and advantages compared with a traditional render modeler such 3D Max, but is a lot of fun when you get a hang of it.

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Hi Francisco.

Thank you very much for so nice explanation. I think you are right in every words you wrote here.

That project which i was talking about, is difficult to finally get a contract.

I guess if I had something similar already done and could show them, would be much easier to change their mind.

So, yes, it is time to think about learning new things, and cool is that it's for free. And they have now Twinmotion also for free until November.

I will definitely try this out and when i have a first good enough result to show, i will share it here.

Thank you for good help


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