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Stacking versus pancaking

Cesar R

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'Pancaking' refers to 'stacking', more or less. It just means you are putting (or the jury thought) identical floors on top of eachother. This is similar to a parking garage (a common comparison).


What you want to think about is sectional qualities. Great spaces have great plans, but they also have great sections. This creates a truly spatial experience, and not just a nice circulation path.


In the future, try taking the plan apart, floor by floor, and look at what is or could be different, then make that part be 'different'. Add something, cut away the floor, etc.


One example of a fellow student (Design 3, undergrad) was he was told the same thing. Then the professor told him to take the model (basswood) down to the wood shop and cut it up on the band saw. Now, after weeks of modeling, it takes a lot of guts to cut your labor up, but he did. Then he reassembled it.

Sure enough, it now had sectional qualities and was a world better.


Point being, don't be afraid to take it all apart, and put it back together in a different way. That's what makes things better - experiment.

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hi there, i just got to try out the revit 7 the workflow is great but i had trouble exporting the models in a reasonable format to 3ds max. is dwg the only option to do so ? dwg normals were distorted and no UV mapping of course. i'd appreciate any advice, thanks. if you prefer you can contact me via email at janoduda@szm.sk or ICQ at 166079282, thanks a lot.

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