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Suggestions for a Midrange ArchViz Computer

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Hi Folks:


I am hoping to pick up some freelance ArchViz work, and would REALLY like to get out of my CoreI3 Desktop. A couple of notes:

1. I am not doing large amounts of renders on this machine -- anything other than quick test renders - go off to sheep it for rendering

2. I will be doing fairly large .blend files, with 4k to 8k textures

3. I work in cycles, and in UE4, I do not use EEVEE as it is a waste of time

4. I would like big memory (probably 32 -64 gigs

5. I'd like a 256gb to 500gb SSD for boot and software

6. Data storage would be on a 2 - 3 TB hdd

7. I need a minimum of 3 screen outputs, 4 would be preferable


I realize that there are really high end graphics cards and processors out there, but really I dont need them, nor can I afford them. Id really like to keep this to around 1000USD.




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