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Picking a program?


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I'm attempting to go freelance. I currently use ADT2005 at work.


The things I really like about ADT are:



Roof/Slab Generator (when it works)

Libraries (Walls/Doors/Windows)

...and the ability to construct and model windows and doors inside those walls in minutes. I really like being able to model the basics of a 3,000 sq. ft. house in an hour or two...


About the only thing I hate are the exceptionaly low poly counts on some surfaces.


Are there any other high-end programs that will do these aspects of modeling with relative ease, as well as let me import AutoCAD floorplans to build up my models without going back and forth?


The reason I am seeking another program is the lack of modeling techniques like nurbs to create realistic elevated plane surfaces, curtians, furniture, etc.


I could just go get another program for this aspect, but my understanding is that Max pretty much lacks scaling consistency found in programs like ADT. Is FormZ the only other program that has quality snapping?


From what I read, FormZ is probably the best option to work with a model from start to render, for Architectural purposes. I'm not doing any character modeling, but will be modeling furniture, etc.


Or what about continuing with ADT2005 and using a program like Blender for nurbs modeling and YAF-Ray to render out? The results I see are pretty exceptional for a price that is impossible to beat! =)


I'm looking to get professional results with the least amount of money. But, I will spend more money for something with less of a learning curve and something as automated as ADT with the things that it lacks.


Any ideas/help would be appreciated! Sorry for the 20 part question.

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I wouldn't try to do everything with one software, I use ADT, Sketchup & Viz for modeling and for GI fR and Vray..sometimes ADT is the faster option and sometime it isn't...the point is if you have more tools, you'll have more options...and the most part of your clients would have AutoCAD.


you can find a Viz for $1300..vray or fR for 800 , sketchup for 470...HP designjet100 for $850 (24"x36") ..I have one, it works perfect!!!!

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I've never tried Sketchup, but it seems like quite a deal and a lot of people like it for modeling. Personally, FormZ is the best I've used.

I'll also agree that having more than one tool is good. Max is great for furniture modeling, but not the best for building modeling.

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I must play devils advocate here. Eventhough I think Sketch Up is a great program it has limits. I only find it useful for quick, massing models, and simplistic types of buildings. I am a max fan, I have been using it since max 2, although I use VIZ 2005 now (same as max 6) and find modeling furniture and buildings just fine - even when it comes to complicated ones. I also like the compatiblity with the file link manager in Viz. Its just a matter of how you know how to use max along with its features. It has snap tools in something similar to autocad and can be acurate if you know how to use it properly.

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every tool has limitations, I've modeled buildings with medium level of detail in SU without any problem at all

of course you need to know the way to do it, but SU has a very smooth learning curve...if I want something

complex I'd use AutoCAD-ADT to do it.


At the first two images I used ADT to create the railings, beacuse it's faster








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