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Generating a "horizontal" cube map in V-ray?

Kirsten Zirngibl

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I need to generate a cube map in V-ray, one like this:


However, when I render in Box mode, it comes out "vertical" like this:


I don't see any settings for changing the configuration. 


I need to make hundreds of renders in this mode, and edit them in Photoshop where I have a consistent panorama around the horizon line.  I don't like the way V-ray is breaking it up and turning part of the horizon line upside down, any tips?  Thanks.


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Also worth mentioning, my current workaround is to rotate all my cameras 90 degrees.  The problem is I'll have to do this hundreds of times, and it would disrupt my workflow in other ways, but at least it's something...


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I believe there are no options to change the way VRay render those panoramas.

I remember one time Vlado mentioned that depending on the Panorama software you use it will be the way you need to create those images. There is not an official industry standard for this so they just chose something that was compatible with Samsung's VR platform.

I had similar issues, and I was creating some routines in Photoshop to automate the flipping and re orienting of the images, but it was never easy or flawless.

Using KR pano helped some because they have some extra tools that can do that, reorient those cubes but again each software has it own system.

What panorama software are you using to view those images? maybe using something that is compatible with VRay may be a better option than fighting with it?

Most of the software are about the same price.

Have you tried Layamo?
 everything is managed by them and it work flawlessly in my test.


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