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New Ryzen 9 3950X build suggestions/recommendations

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Hi Guys

I'm looking to get another system, anything you would change/add/remove and why?

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
NZXT Kraken X63
Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Hero
NZXT H710i
Corsair HX850i 850W

4 X 32GB Ram, but havent decided what make and speed yet!
1 TB M2 Drive, but havent deciced what make (Its just for OS and Programs, all my work is in the cloud/NAS so dont need local storage for that)

GPU I will use my existing 1080TI and wait it out to see what the 3080 Ti vs Big Navi II offers
I will remove the 1080 Ti and stick it in another system and replace it with 2 X new GPU's depending on what the new versions bring to the table when they are released.

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