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Exterior residential house

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Overall this looks like a good starting point. Your image looks like it was just output from the 3D software; it needs a human touch to make it more inviting and transform into a story telling image.
I would recommend adjusting the tone mapping or color mapping; right now, your whites are too bright, there is no color information in those white; you can see it in the building walls on the clouds and any specular material. You also need to adjust the White balance, it seems you only used an HDRI as a light source, and all the bluish colors from the sky spilled all over. You can do this in post or in your 3D software, the same thing for tone mapping.

In post, you can add people or anything to give life to this sterile image. The car passing by is a good idea but not enough. Also, painting color variation to the grass, plants, and trees can add more depth to the image.

The comment about the 3D plants is also important, you can rotate, or scale up or down, to avoid repetition in your objects, also random color variations would make your geometry look less CG.

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