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SketchUp Field of View

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Not sure if this is exactly a question... The default setting for the camera in SketchUp is 35 degrees. When viewing normally, 60 degrees shows things without distortion, why not use that number as a default setting. I always thought that SketchUp was confusing the 'degrees' with focal length. Curious what others think. Of course it is easy to change and one of the many settings to consider when setting a view but 60 degrees is much more realistic to me.

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That's true. But I remember that a friend of mine worked at some interior design studio and used the default SKP settings for quick linear views of the project. The architect who was the client liked this style very much and my friend ended up producing lots of such images for the guy for like a year. So I think this is a default setting which is giving a nice, dynamic look of the blocks good for new users who are architects. Hand-drawn architectural sketches also are a little bit distorted for the effect or because this is the drawing style of the specific architect. 


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