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Degree Questions

Mike Rod

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I've read there are different levels of being a cg architect. 

1. People with the software skills to be able to do beautifully detailed interiors/exteriors but do not have any schooling of any type in design to know what shapes should be what, what colors are best, what is capable of human usage efficiently, etc. 
2. An interior/exterior designer with design schooling to know what forms/functions/colors are proper for people.
3. Full blown educated architect capable of doing correct designs in CAD and capable of passing an architect's state license exam.

Here is my take on what I have read off a few sites (and please feel free to correct me): Anything from a 1 or 2 would still be required to be reviewed by a 3 if used for actual home building.  While a 1 can get away with great idea renders and planning, a 2 is taken more seriously since they have design education under their belt.  Schooling for 3 is a considerable amount if you never even plan on taking out an architectural license and only want to do CAD.  Salaries are the lowest for the 1s, in the medium for the 2s, and low for 3s if you only stay stuck doing CAD and never take out your license.

I feel the cost of an architectural degree is wasted if you never plan to take out your license.  What are your experiences with the market and salaries with 1 and 2? And is there anything between a 2 and a 3 you can take a bachelors degree or maybe even associates on?  Or is a degree in design overrated and your work being the most important consideration?



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