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Resoltutions for animation

Mario Pende

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I usually go with DVD res.


That can vary a bit, but I use 720 x 480 for NTSC, PAL is a little different.


But you need to work backwards. What will be your final product format, how will it be played? Be careful with the various codecs since some will force you into a non-square pixel and most renderings are output with square pixels.


There's a lot to think about, though you can get away with making mistakes that most people will never notice.

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I always use 720 X 480 .tif output for frames at 30 fps. Then I compile all the imagery and postwork in Adobe Premiere.


If I need to change anything like resolution after the fact, I just do it in Premiere or I use "The Mpeg Encoder"




It's a free utility and I like it to easily convert to smaller resolutions for uploading.


I always compress my animations. I don't have any real powerhouse animation equipment for non compressed imaging so to play the animations smoothly requires the compression.


The Quicktime codec is really good, but the file size can get incredibly large when adjusting the compression. The other codec I mainly use for my animations is the "MPEG 4 video codec V1". I think this works great for the desktop or laptop and to show clients.


It's also safe for the client as well, so they don't have to worry about playback issues and installing codecs just to play the animation on their machines.

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