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Which is the Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair to Bring Home?

dave hetfield

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More and more people now are raising pets at home. Sure, they give us so much laughter and love; however, they also leave dander and pet hair for us to handle. The truth is that pet hair is a hazard for our long-term health. It is crucial to clean and remove pet hair regularly.

A good vacuum cleaner for pet hair is crucial for all pet lovers. It is not difficult to find a vacuum for pet hair on the market but which one is the best one to choose? This article is going to focus on reviewing good product models from one of the most famous brands - Shark.

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It is not evident that Shark products are mostly listed on the top vacuum cleaner list. Shark vacuums are some of the most satisfying products. Let’s see what the best Shark vacuum for pet hair is.

Let’s start with some useful tips to pick the best Shark vacuum for pet hair.

Most vacuum models are good for dealing with pet hair but if you want to buy a decent vacuum machine to handle pet mess, you need to pay a little more attention to these specifications.

Suction Power

This is always the most important factor when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner. An ideal vacuum for pet hair must have at least  a motor that draws a current of 12 amps. If you can find anything stronger, you should take it home.

Roller Brush

The roller brush is a useful attachment to remove pet hair from fabric and carpets. You should check whether the vacuum model comes with a roller brush. It is better to look for a machine having a switch for turning the roller brush on and off. It is a lot more convenient to turn the roller brush on and off when your house has different floor types from carpets to hard floors.

Filters or Bags

Please never consider a machine with a single-layer filter. It is recommended to choose a multi-layer filter to ensure all pet hair is secured inside and not be released back into the  air.

A bagged vacuum machine is not advisable when we have to care about its dust capacity. If we regularly clean pet hair, we may have to change the dust bag more often. A canister vacuum machine is a more cost-friendly solution.


Handheld Vacuums

If you can find a powerful handheld vacuum, this might be a good option for cleaning pet hair in hard-to-reach areas.

The question “Which Shark vacuum is best for pet hair?” will come down to a little research.

Don’t worry! Your answer can be found easily on TheKingLive.com. This is the most reliable and comprehensive review website including various products under categories like home & garden, kitchen & dining, sports & outdoors, automobile, etc. Our reviews feature  product images, prices, advantages & disadvantages, product comparisons, user opinions & reviews, industry statistics & rankings. You will find what you need before making any purchase.

All reviews on TheKingLive.com are based on real experiences to be able to introduce the best product that fits any specific needs. 


Please take a look at the list of Best Shark vacuum for pet hair.

1/ Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro ZU62

As the name indicates, this Shark vacuum is specialized in  cleaning pet hair. This model is equipped with Zero-M Technology to prevent the pet hair from getting tangled in the brush roll. This is a special technology that is very efficient to deal with excess pet hair in your house.

This model comes with a big dust canister that helps you to save time and money as you don’t have to be replacing dust bags. 

Moreover, this machine offers two cleaning programs for carpets and hard floors. It increases the cleaning performance of the machine on each type of flooring.

Last but not least, the model comes with a reliable HEPA filter and sealed filter system, which helps to contain all allergens safe within the machine. What is blown back into the air is completely pure, which improves the health of the respiratory system.

The theKingLive team has also carried out some tests to check its cleaning performance. The result is really impressive as the machine works very well to remove small-to-medium sized debris from both carpets and tile flooring.

The noise level is also at an tolerable level for regular use.

2/ Shark Apex Duo Clean with Zero-m Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum (AZ1002)

This model is almost the same as the above model from Shark with the Zero-M Technology, special brush rolls for different floor types, various attachments for reaching tight corners, HEPA filter, and a sealed air filtration system.

What makes it different is its Lift-away feature, which allows you to detach the main cylinder and the dust bin to have a compact vacuum for tight areas.

This is the best choice for people who need a strong corded upright vacuum cleaner but also a cordless machine for hard-to-reach corners in their houses.


3/ Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro+ Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The last model TheKingLive team would like to suggest is this grab-and-go vacuum cleaner. This model comes with its unique self-cleaning pet power brush to deal efficiently with pet beds and upholstery.

This handheld vacuum machine is very simple to manipulate with just one power button. It is equipped with a 10.8 V battery, which can produce as powerful suction as other types of vacuum machines. Just 15 minutes for charging, you can use it for up to 6 hours.

If you often go driving with your pets outside, this model is what you need to take with you. . With this handheld vacuum, you can do a quick clean-up to keep your car clean and pristine.

To sum up

What is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair? I hope you can find a good answer after reading this article from TheKingLive. We always welcome and look forward to receiving more questions about these products. You can  be sure that all information and facts that we provide are always the most updated ones.

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