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Bedroom Environment Feedback

Eric Cheung

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Hey everyone! 

I've been practicing 3D modelling and texturing these past couple weeks more intensively and I've given myself the task of creating a bedroom environment in Unreal Engine together with Maya and Substance Painter. 

I want to get better at 3D environmental modelling as it is what I want to do as an career. Right now, I'm looking to achieve a Junior Artist level of standard. 

I've never really done something like this before so I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on anything you see! Texturing tips, lighting tips, modelling tips, Anything!

Any ideas for the environment or advice to further my skills would also be super appreciated. 

I am planning to add more assets into the bedroom to make the environment look more full and have more character but this is what I have so far.





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