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Doors & Windows

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Doors and windows continuously slow down my workflow, so I am just wondering how you guys are creating them for your own projects. Are you modelling them from scratch, using purchased assets or a specific plugin? .



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Assets library for sure. Even if you are doing a lot of customized work, you can always combine 2 or 3 assets to speed up the modeling phase. There's no point in modeling doors and windows over and over. And every time you have to model something new remember to save in your library.

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No architectural rendering can do without windows. I model windows and doors in 3ds Max. First of all, you need to cut a hole in the wall where the window will be placed. To do this, create a box the size of the future window and thicker than the wall. Go to Create - Geometry - Windows and select any of the windows. After I finished modeling, I proceeded to the materials. The material Window is superimposed on the frame model. The Glass material is applied to the glass. CoronaPortalMtl must be used on the plane (Plane). I do similar things when I create doors, and I often choose models at https://doordesignlab.com/interior-doors.html.

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