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separating a single element from Instance objects

Faheem Khan

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Hi everyone
I have hundred instance copies of houses in a master plan.
I mistakenly attached an object(lets say A object) to a house and later ended up making hundred instance copies and placed them at a master plan.
I was supposed to group the object A with a house and then make instances.
Is it possible to detach that object A from the house and make rest of all instance copies of houses to have that object A detached ?
I want to keep that object A with each one of the house in master plan.
I hope I elaborated much for you guys to understand. its a big problem. I can not just delete the whole master plan and again group object A to a house and put that house on the whole master plan.
I can not make unique all hundred of house and attach them and then select by material ID that object and detach, My system will get crashed. house meshes are too heavy.
Please help me

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Not sure what you are trying to archive really, but general rules are.

If you instance an object, many times, each instance will follow any changes done to any instances, if you attach new geometry they all will inherit that. If you only copy the geometry then each individual will be unique. If you group objects, and then instance that, any change to the object inside the group will replicate, but if you add or delete object to the group then it won't replicate.

One way to break the instances changes is transforming a selected object in to a Polygon or Mesh. this will maintain all the other objects as instances, but the object you just transformed. You should review the Help docs for 3DsMax where they explain how to work whith copies, instances and references.

Besides all that, as workflow recommendation, if you are using complex geometries repeated many times in your scene I would recommend you using XRef scenes or objects. this help your computer to manage large scenes. Also you can create Containers or Proxys, that may be a better way to manage large developments.

When I work on similar projects such housing, we Proxy each house then insert them in to a master plan. or we proxy the interiors and the houses where XREF objects or scenes. or any combination that will let us edit and organize the project.

Please review the help docs of your render engine (Arnold, Corona, VRay) and 3DsMax regarding XRef objects/scenes and the use of Proxys, that's a better solution compared to instancing or copying complex object in large quantities.

Best luck.


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