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Dark Hero BIOS settings for Ryzen 9 5950X

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Hi Guys

If I'm not planning on overclocking, are there any specific settings I should be paying attention to, or can I basically set everything to default in the BIOS?
ASUS Dark Hero, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Also, do you guys install all the utilities and monitoring that come with the board, or do you prefer only the chipset drivers?

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I built my PC recently and just kept the default bios settings. I may look into some of the features of my motherboard in the near future, but I wanted to make sure everything worked before tweaking anything.

If there are some better monitoring tools for temps and such, I would imagine those would be good to have. Outside of that, I'd say the chipset drivers are the more important ones. 

In all of the PC's I've built, I've kept the bios at default settings because like you, I don't overclock anything. I probably should look into it, but it's not a big priority at this point.

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Ive been running everything on default, except disabling all wireless settings in bios. Seems fine(ish) so far. Idle temps are around 36 or so, with the occasional clock and temp spikes between 55 and 61 degrees (celcius), for no apparent reason while simply browsing. Apparently this is normal, but still a little weird to me as this is my 1st AMD system (been using Intel for 30 years!)


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