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Where's the Shadow?


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I'm new to Viz. Most of the skills that I acquired are self taught. Most of the time, I finetune my work according to intuition so if I'm wrong, please let me know.


My problem is the lack of shadow. I placed lots of freespot lights in a dome-shaped bubble around the object as experiment. Only one of these source are shadow enabled (i'm using shadow map). I tried making that particular light more intense but still the same.


i'm using Viz 4 without any pluggins. thanks in advance!



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Without seeing an image it is hard to decifer what is happening. But it might be that you have to adjust some settings on you shadow map parameters in order to see the shadow. By the programs default the shadow doesn't start up against an object. So you need to adjust some settings in order for that to happen. My suggestion is to go under the shadow map settings of that particular light and change the bias to read like .1 or .2 then to soften the shadow, change the map size so it is larger than 512. This will soften the shadow and reduce the amount of jaggies. Then with the sample range I usually use anywhere from 4-6. I hope this helps solve your shadow issues. Again without seeing an image it is kind of hard to solve the problem.

Good Luck!

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i think i have figured this out. i tested all the suggestions on a smaller scale as seen here. fran have highlighted an important point here - there's too much light so there's no shadow!


the shadow light source here is daylight with 20000 intensity. but the shadow is still kinda light. i've switched the other lights to ambient only. shadow map size is set at 1600. tried using a -1 intensity omni to darken shadow but it turned out fake and hard to control.


the reason why its kinda gloomy earlier in the first picture is because the brightness is set to 35 in log exposure ctrl. i think i learn a lot from just solving my problem. thanks again guys!

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