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Many problems and a solution

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Remember when:

  • You  wasted hours trying to figure out which workstation offered the best price/performance ratio?
  • What about when you finally decided to rely on the shopkeeper who fleeced you for 6,000 euros?
  • Or when you were on the fence about buying the latest GPU that for 300% of the value of the old one promised you a 50% increase in performance?
  • Or of when you were trying to figure out which software was the easiest to learn and at the same time powerful enough to take on large-scale projects while guaranteeing high enough quality not to disappoint the most demanding customers?
  • Or when you were wasting hours looking for an 3D object you remembered using two years ago in another project...but what was the name of the project?
  • Or when you were swamped with dozens of versions of a project because you were dealing with a wealthy but undecided client?
  • Or the time you had to wait 30 minutes to open a file?
  • Or the time when you finally managed, after buying in extremis another 64 GB of ram, to prepare a very complex scene but that crashed everything when rendering at 10K?
  • What about that time you had to rush back to the office to make changes to the 3D scene and then pull an all-nighter by the computers until delivery the next morning?

But we have a solution to these kinds of problems.

Moreover, our solution, even if installed on an old laptop, gives you:

  • The ability to handle scenes of 100,000,000 unique polygons.
  • 256 light bounces and 128 planes of transparency.
  • Real-time bidirectional ray tracing that handles caustics and volumetrics by default.
  • Zero rendering engine configuration parameters.
  • A rendering tool but, due to its accuracy, also a simulation tool.
  • Real-time lighting equalization of scenes with as many as 10,000,000 lights.
  • The ability to run up to 10 rendering simultaneously (even more if you need).
  • Almost unlimited computing power that allows you to deliver any amount of rendering within any deadline.
  • A 100% non-destructive workflow.
  • Various tools that make it easy to quickly insert large amounts of objects into a scene.
  • Scattering tools
  • Dedicated tools for landscape architecture
  • Free and public libraries of textures, materials, objects and environments (2D and 3D assets).
  • The ability to enrich these libraries and, if desired, share content with the user community.
  • The ability to "share" 2D and 3D assets without the danger of others appropriating them outright.
  • The ability to easily and efficiently sort 2D and 3D assets (asset management).
  • The ability to share 2D and 3D assets with collaborators even if they are spread around the world.
  • Sending a project of 50,000,000 polygons in seconds to another user
  • Triple backup of each of your designs.
  • If you are an industry, you can automate the production of images for catalogs with our solution.
  • Produce broadcast-quality animations (without flickering) in record time.

If you google "FELIX Render" you will find more information.


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