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Flying museum ;)


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for my study in france I had to make a building in 3D.No textures or other, just modelisation. I choose the Milwaukee art museum by santiago calatrava. Here is the result.

If I got the time I will add some textures and lights.

comments are welcome.


sorry for my english...




others :



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Nice model. Very nice.

That type of presentation suits the model well. Normally the materials are totally matt though. Are yours slightly shiny or is it just the lighting?


Oh and don't worry-your English is perfectly understandable. :)

I've just been to Paris and my 20 words of French were a bit embarassing.

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thank you very much for your comments. yes it is renderable lines and for the light there is just a skylight (IG) and the render is VRay. For the moment I have no time to the texture and to finish the nearest buildings. I am on the modelisation of a vehicule on more time for the school ;)

thanks, may be new render one day ;)

it was made with max 6 and there is just one white vray material for the entire model.

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