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Hey from Germany.. just trying to improve my skills

Rob Miller

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Whats up everyone.

Im Rob, coming from Germany. Im a surveyor working with laserscanners in architecture. Basically scanning buildings, modelling in revit and so on. But im not here to promote my work, just trying to learn some more and improve my rendering skills.

Up until a few months ago I used Enscape as a Revit visualisation tool. My customers dont really pay for that kind of work but its fun for me to visualize what we`ve modelled, so i kind of started this as a hobby.

Most recently I started bringing my Revit models to 3Ds Max and Corona.  The attached pictures are the quality I am getting at the moment.  I am trying to improve and get to a more realistic point.
So any tips, hints and so on what I can do to make my renders better are more than welcome 🙂




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