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3dsmax arnold GPU rendering speed

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Hi all. I'm trying to understand one issue with GPU rendering. I am comparing my two computers and I am getting strange results.

1st machine: DELL laptop with i9-9980HK and Quadro RTX 4000:
CPU rendering - 30 seconds
GPU rendering - 11 seconds

2nd machine: PC with intel Celeron G5905 + 2x RTX 3090
CPU rendering  - 3 minutes 24 seconds
only the first RTX 3090 - 21 seconds
only the second RTX 3090 - 19 seconds
both RTXes - 22 seconds


The question is.... WTF? Is the Celeron in 2nd machine a bottleneck in GPU renderning? And why using both 3090s get the same speed as using only one?

Common sense tells me that the 2nd machine should be 6 times faster!

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Are you sure all GPU's are enabled?

A factor here could be the upload time from the system to the GPU. If it's a small scene (like it seams it is) then the upload time could be a big chunk of the total time.

Also, what's the motherboard and PSU of your system?

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