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Apple Mac Vs Windows

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1 minute ago, Jene Cacchione said:

I would also like to get more into the 3D rendering side of things eventually. 

What programs are you interested in? And two very basic things you must answer. What's the budget and which rendering machine you'll be using? Is it Vray? Is it Corona? Is it Octane? 

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Traditional Architecture software works better on Windows base computers.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but if you want flexibility on study something that you can actually apply when looking for a job, I would follow the trend.

I used to sue Mac computers, but when I got serious in 3D I changed to Windows because technology advance much faster than in the Mac side. Also I burned a few machines while doing intensive renderings. True story.

I know there is a lot of talk about the new M apple CPU and they may perform fine for IOS software. but there is not denial that there is more power on Windows machines up to today.

Brands for Windows laptops I would recommend Dell, HP.  Personally I Use desktop machine, my company bough me a Razer laptop that works fine, but it get really hot. so hot I can put my hands on the keyboard. It is nice and thin, all aluminum just like a Mac book, but physics do not lie, the thinner the laptop less performance it will have.



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