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I have recently started to learn 3d studio and purchased a couple beginners books to learn the fundementals. Now that I am comfortable with the program I'd like to delve into the modeling/drawing capabilities of 3ds. I am mainly interested in the architectural field and the stuff that goes with it (ie. desks, chairs, furniture, etc..) Character modeling is not something I want to concentrate on right now.


Could anyone recommend any books that cater to what I am describing. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

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Forget the books.. Got to http://www.Lynda.com or http://www.vtc.com watch the tutorials only $30 for 1 month of viewing. Better to see someone do the work than read about it.


I watched lynda's tutorials I think they were a great refresher and even discovered a few techniques here and there. But as for vtc, I don't know how good the tutorials are, as I did not watch them.


On Lyndas site, there are tutorials on how to model a character (patch modeling) and mini cooper car (using nurbs). Once you see it you will understand how to model complex objects, and easy ones - then you can take the modelling idea and apply to model funiture.


Max books I find are all dry and very boring, however one book that I do use ever so often is "3ds max killer tips"


It is a pretty good book - not for modeling furniture mind you, but its like a nifty pocket book/quick refference guide on how to do/explians certain aspects of max.



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Different training techniques work better for some people than others, and most people learn best through a variety of techniques. Seeing a demonstration of a technique does go a long way, but most people need that written tutorial that they can plow through in their own time, and often they contain more detailed information. Don't discount one technique over another, and if you have the cash then take advantage of whatever resources you can find. Unless you have dual screens, trying to follow a video tutorial can be frustrating.


"3DS Max r6 Fundamentals" by Ted Boardman is a great book, applies to what you want to know, and is a very good place to start. The tutorials run you through a wide gamut of tools and techniques, from spline and mesh editing, all the way through to standard and advanced lighting techniques, and more.


Killer Tips is a really great book, but it is not a tutorial and not a starting point. Half the battle is knowing the tools, and the other half is learning the techniques, and you get more tools in Killer Tips.


Most people are impatient and want to get to the end result without spending the time needed to learn, and as such end up missing a lot of important program details and essential techniques. My advice is to get a book and spend the time, even if it is just the tutorial book for max.


Good luck! :)

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In addition to books already mentioned, I found Mastering 3D Studio Viz 3 by George Omura an excellent beginners book. I think it has been updated now to 2005? But I still use the version 3 book with viz 2005. Has lots of good Architectural related tutorials. It has become one of my most "thumbed" through viz books!

Hope this helps.

Regards, KRis

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