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Which program is best for visualization

Adam Haluzík

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I'm looking for software in which to make photorealistic visualizations. Which software suits you best and why? I'm deciding between 3Ds Max or Lumion but if you have any other option write it below.. I have experience only with Autocad (2d projects). I am a complete beginner at visualizations so I would appreciate any tips, advice, ideas where to learn from...

Thank you


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7 hours ago, Bobby Parker said:

I have seen great stuff from almost all render engines. I don't think it matters nowadays. If I were to start over, I would go Blender.

Exactly, the ability comes from the user and not the engine. I too would use Blender if I wasn't down the 25 year path with Autodesk products. I would suggest looking into Blender as it's free and it's a great software that has a ton of development support from the community.

Lumion can get pricy if you are just starting out. Twinmotion is good and for a decent price. Blender + Cycles can to some pretty nice visuals as well.

Learn modeling skills. But more importantly, learn lighting, materials, and composition. I've see far too many perfectly created models ruined by poor choices with lighting, materials, and composition.

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