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Editing huge image files!?


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I tried the terrashader plugin and it seams great to texture large terrain with good detail but the problem how to create my own files.

Is there any software that can edit large image files (I mean G's) for pc?

I but I found references in the web to a "Satori PhotoXL" software but I think it is discontinued since I can only find references from 2000.

Heres the link:



Maybe the first question is: Do you think is viable to have a square kilometer area mapped with a simple image that could have closeup detail with terrashader?


Well...any thoughts would be appreciated?



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I successfully stitched together the two halfs of the Blue Marble series from NASA. I used PS on a 450mhz G3 Mac to do it. For some reason, my vastly faster PC couldnt handle the images. It took about 20 mins to open each file but it worked. The finished spherical map of the Earth was approximately 1.3Gs with each pixel equal to one square kilometer.


PS can handle huge files, but be warned that the Tiff format has a maximum pixel dimension of 40,000 in X and Y.

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I recently upgraded to Photoshop CS and they show a new feature of being able to work with large files with a new file type. I haven't tried it yet, but here is the quote from the help file for you to check out:



Large Document Format (PSB)


    The Large Document Format (PSB) supports documents up to 300,000 pixels in any dimension. All Photoshop features, such as layers, effects, and filters, are supported by the PSB format. Currently, if you save a document in PSB format, it can only be opened in Photoshop CS. Other applications and older versions of Photoshop cannot open documents saved in PSB format.
    Note: Most other applications and older versions of Photoshop cannot support documents with file sizes larger than 2 GB.
    The Enable Large Document Format (.psb) option must be enabled in Preferences before you can save documents in PSB format. There is one exception: it is possible to open an existing PSB file and save it in PSB format even if the Enable Large Document Format (.psb) option is not selected in Preferences. For more information on saving a document in PSB format and selecting the Enable Large Document Format (.psb) option, see Saving large documents (Photoshop).

Good luck.


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Thanks guys.

Unfortunatly I made some calcules and I don't think in my case it's viable to map large areas with enought detail for close ups :(

I guess I must stick with the traditional mapping techniques :S

I would be great if things like vector graphics along with filters like darktree (svg maybe) could be used as a map...wel...just a thought

Does anyone know any thing like that?


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