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What is the best application for jewelry rendering


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Hey everyone,
I know today finding the best is not easy. the best depends on a lots of variables.

But my scenario is that we have been doing jewelry rendering using Vray. I always felt that the renderings are not up to the mark. (Check the link above)

Is there any product rendering artists in this forum who can contribute to this discussion? I heard about other options like keyshot, Corona or gemsvision matrix.

I will have to render 360º videos too.

Does it worth moving from Vray to these other apps just for jewelry rendering. We want to hit the next level with our new project.



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You can get the same output from most render engines. 


The problem I see here is 2 things:

- Lighting

- Materials


Looks like you are using preset vray materials for the metals correct? Combined with your lighting its blowing everything out, you have no occlusion, your gems do not have any dispersion and your lighting is too universal, there is no direction, there is no glare... everything appears entirely flat. 


It could also be the geometry, hard to tell because the lighting is so intense but it also appears that your geometry has artifacts, either not subdivided enough or geometry is not correct.


Just some feedback from my point of view; vray is a world class render engine (no I dont work for chaos). If you cant get the results then looking at another render engine wont help. Sure you may get 10-15% extra results but the point is you should be able to absolutely nail it using vray first before looking at alternatives. I have worked with mental ray, octane, redshift, mantra, vray, corona, fstorm, keyshot, and many more I have forgotten about over the years. They dont differ much in terms of input-output. Whatever you can do in one engine can be done in another with some extra work. My point is get it right before you decide to switch or you will end up with a new set of problems that can be more difficult to resolve than putting in an extra 20 hours on R&D that could solve your problem in your current render engine.


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