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Free small-sized texture samples ready for use. If anyone needs larger files, they can be downloaded using the link.

Fantastic textures for your digital art work. 20 high-quality seamless tiling ash wood texture jpeg files. 20 different styled backgrounds with vertical across, landscape horizontal along and isometric wood fibers direction. 

Samples dimension: 1160 × 772 px, Original pack dimension: 8000 × 4000 px

Textures.World Review: https://textures.world/wood/20-ash-wood-textures/

~ Thank you & Enjoy using ~

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-1 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-2 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-3 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-4 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-5 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-6 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-7 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-8 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-9 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-10 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-11 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-12 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-13 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-14 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-15 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-16 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-17 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-18 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-19 copy.jpg

Ash-Wood-Seamless-Texture-20 copy.jpg

Edited by Alexander N.
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I suggest if you are going to go 8K then you need to stand much further back to capture more of the wood grain. Otherwise its going to repeat visually. This would be fine for a 2k resolution but beyond that you need an extra 2 meters each side to benefit from 8k.

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