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3D Studio Structure


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Hello Team,

We're 3D Revolution, a New Zealand-based studio serving clients across Australia, New Zealand, and the US. While we use the term "3D Studio," our core focus lies in sales, marketing, and project management for 3D rendering projects. Currently, we outsource our design work to talented professionals worldwide.

We're now looking to expand our team by hiring internal designers and modelers while maintaining our collaborations with remote designers due to our ongoing projects, totaling over 90.

We're seeking guidance on structuring our internal team effectively for 3D rendering projects. Should we have distinct roles within the process, starting with the 3D modeler? Your feedback and advice would be immensely valuable.

Thank you!

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From my experience, studios I've worked at,  artists usually model, texture and light a piece of work right through, thus 'owning' the process from start to finish. That's not to say this is the right way, and this does require a project manager typically, and a mentor / artist forum for feedback/ not seeing the wood for the trees. After saying all this, it's also nice to be presented with a well built model, as then you find that the person repsonsible for what I call 'the colouring-in' bit is not bogged down with worrying about polygon count and so forth. I've known colleagues who were happy to model, and others who preferred the rendering and post production side, I think it's still good for the team as a whole to swap roles and wear both hats as it were..

Again, this is all based on my own experience in (London) studios. Be interesting to hear what others think.. Cheers, Steve

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