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Any alternative to 4D Anima All people for 3ds Max and VRay?

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Hi all


Anybody know of a viable alternative to Anima All 4D people?

We dont mind various libraries of for example 10 animated people, pre-rigged and animated with motion data, but it needs to be the quality of Anima 4D people.

Anybody know of such libraries?

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48 minutes ago, Scott Schroeder said:

Renderpeople has a 4D library, but I'm not sure it's at the quality of Anima. I'd say they are 90-95% the quality. Outside of them, I don't think anyone else has the scale of libraries as Renderpeople or Anima.

thanks Scott. They dont look too bad and will do just fine. A little pricey and the "walking" variety is on the low side, but these might do just fine

I'll contact them soon for more info

We need to render with Vantage at the end of the day

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