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Help choosing the right software for animation - currently using sketchup + vray

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I've been using sketchup + vray for a little while now, but ideally want to explore more the concept of better animation of products + background imagry. 

In particular I'm thinking of animating machinery such as these speed gates. Imagine lights going on/off, the gates opening, people going through them, and general ambiance animation in the background to make it feel less 'still'. 



I know that sketchup has an extension for animation (Animator) but I find this rather clunky.

I spoke with Vray, and they suggested Vantage, so hopefully I will get a trial of this.

From looking around, Keyshot seems to do a really nice animation tool, and I was wondering what could be my best options. That being said I'm familar(ish) with vray and learning keyshot might be a pain, and rather expensive.

Hopefully Vantage will be the best fit, but who knows.

Thoughts welcome.

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