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3ds Max 2024 Viewport Freezing


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I have had this problem in past version but only once and a while, but I am having it every hour or two now.  All of a sudden 3ds max viewports become unresponsive.  I can click on any buttons, I can open menus etc. But if I click the viewport it seems frozen.  can click and hit delete, I can adjust the camera field of view and move to top view etc but nothing is happening in the viewport.  Then if I save and re open Max anything I deleted is gone and the camera is moved and Im in top view.  So max is working but the viewport gets stuck.  Anyone had this happen.  Im having to restart my file every couple hours. 

It has happened in multiple other files completely unrelated to this project as well.  


Here is videos of it happening. One in the original file and one where i merged things into a new file.  



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